Organic Cotton Knickers Feature

Skin-Friendly Cotton Knickers  collections at JulieMay Lingerie use the best high-quality cotton and silk as our signature. The GOTS-certified Organic Pima Cotton’s natural fibres offer anti-bacterial properties, which can be highly important for maintaining cleanliness on a day-to-day basis. The collections are also hypoallergenic, ideal for women with sensitive skin. 
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Pure Cotton Knickers UK Collections Do Not Have To Be Frumpy

You may think that if you opt for comfort, you must compromise style or sexiness. That may have been the case for previous generations, but in Juliemay, we designed our pure cotton knickers collections with aesthetics in mind and practicality. We do this by using the best quality cotton for our lingerie and adding a touch of luxury and appeal by designing our pure cotton women's knickers collections that incorporate silk, which again is an anti-bacterial, breathable, natural material that feels superb against the skin. And lace detailing adds the final touch regarding the appearance of high-quality briefs.

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GOTS Certified Organic Pima Cotton as the main fabric. Comfort with Support.

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Accredited by AllergyUK to be friendly for people with allergic reactions to synthetic fibres and sensitive skins.

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Ethically handmade and support UN sustainable projects

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