Menopause Advice & Care For Skin & Breast Sensitivity

Our bodies are always changing. But sometimes, we face a big or sudden change that may prove challenging to deal with. For many women, menopause is one of those big life changes.

Menopause can cause changes in every aspect of the body from the skin to the breasts, mood, sex drive, and a host of other areas.

  • How can you deal with the skin sensitivity that comes with menopause?
  • What can you do to alleviate menopause-induced breast soreness and tenderness?
  • Why are these changes happening in the first place?

You probably have a lot of questions. We discuss these and more in this brief guide on menopause advice and care for every woman.

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Why does our body change during menopause?

It might interest you to know that many of the changes we experience are not actually caused by the menopause process itself. Science has shown that these changes are caused by the hormonal fluctuations that happen during perimenopause, the transition phase before a woman enters menopause.

The perimenopause phase is characterized by sudden fluctuations of the estrogen and progesterone hormones’ levels in the body. These changes cause a buildup of fluid in the breast that can cause tenderness and soreness while also making the breast swollen. The skin can also become dryer and more sensitive than it’s ever been.

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Managing skin sensitivity and changes caused by menopause

One of the most prominent changes that happen to the body in the process leading up to menopause is the significant decrease in the body’s production of the estrogen hormone.

The estrogen hormone plays a vital role in the body’s production of collagen and some natural oils that are known to help keep the skin moisturized. During perimenopause, the body’s production of this estrogen hormone is significantly reduced.

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Collagen protein, on its own, is also one of the most important building blocks of the skin.

With the reduced production of estrogen, both collagen and the natural oils are also reduced significantly. This is why women may experience dryer, tighter, and itchy skin during the perimenopause period and shortly after menopause. Here are some tips to help you manage this condition;

  • Use high-quality moisturizers like calamine or aloe vera gel to keep your body well moisturized.
  • OTC anti-itch creams can also help when you experience itchy or inflamed skin.
  • Refrain from fabric products that can trigger your allergies if your skin becomes sensitive during this period.
  • Invest in allergy-friendly fabric products, clothes, bras, briefs, knickers, etc.
  • Use only allergy-friendly laundry products like Allersearch Allergen, Ecozone, and Ecozone Washing Powder, among others.


Menopause care for breast tenderness and sensitivity

We recently discussed breast changes during menopause and why organic cotton bras are the best bras for sore breasts during menopause. That post contains more details about breast changes during menopause some of which we’ll discuss partly here.

Hormonal fluctuations during perimenopause can cause a buildup of fluid in the breasts. This can make the breast swollen and tender, sore or painful, smaller or bigger, and a lot more sensitive.


Whatever happens, the tips below will help make the experience a lot less painful;

  • Invest in well-fitting bras - sports bras are the best.
  • When considering bra fabric, go for organic cotton bras because they give a soft touch to the already sore and tender breasts.
  • Cotton bras are also hypoallergenic. These allergy-friendly organic cotton bras won’t trigger sensitivity around your breast delicate skin.
  • Reduce smoking and caffeine intake
  • Take more hot showers and warm compress.

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You probably won’t be able to do much (or anything at all) to stop your body’s natural processes. However, it’s always within your capacity to help minimize the negative effects of these changes when they happen with the right products.

Here at Julie May, we offer organic cotton bras that are strategically designed to help mitigate the pain, soreness, sensitivity, and tenderness that may be caused by menopause.

Sometimes, women also struggle with these challenges even without menopause or any significant reason. Whatever your situation, our allergy-friendly organic cotton bras, briefs, and knickers, all made from certified organic cotton will help maintain your skin health and keep you comfortable all day.


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