Julie May: Lingerie Brand for Women of Different Needs

Comfortable underwear is what every woman dreams of. Soft and soothing lingerie is their most preferred clothing to wear. With the countless brands out there, it’s confusing to choose the best.

Worry no more. At Julie May, we have specially tailored solutions for everyone. We are a lingerie brand that uses the longest-lasting fashion technology, finest silk and the sturdiest cotton to bring the best wearing journey to different women.

With the thousands of options on the market, our products stand apart from the competition. We only use pure and authentic silk in the inner layer for a luxurious and comfy touch on your skin.

Our solutions are also made of long cotton for fun and relaxing experience all day long. We focus on top-quality and functional concept to bring an unforgettable and comfortable use.

Our Lingerie is of High-Quality

At Julie May, we go beyond a high level of comfort. We combine the leading material with our cutting-edge fashion technology. Because of that, the most elegantly designed and luxurious lingerie was created. As a woman, you can feel confident in front of people and be at your best.

As part of many successful stories, Julie May has the unmatched commitment to offer excellent solutions. We do not compromise high-quality. Aside from innovative facilities, we have smooth manufacturing procedures. We are surrounded by well-experienced and trained professionals. Without them, our soothing lingerie won’t be possible.

Our Signature Silk Lingerie

Every lingerie at Julie May comes with silk and we only use the most beautiful and elegant fibers. Our solution consists of breathable and lightweight Pure Silk, ensuring a durable, comfortable and hypoallergenic effect.

But wait, there’s more! It feels comfy on the skin and does not lead to irritation. The inner layer of the crotch of our briefs and bra cups are made of authentic silk, too.

Bendable and Flexible Wire

Tired of using uncomfortable bras? There is no need to look further than Julie May! Our products have a bendable wire for holistic comfort.

Of course, every woman wants a push-up effect and pressure-free support. Wearing bras from Julie May makes that goal a reality. We simply use special wire to prevent sagging. Not only is it bendable, but it is also elastic that last for years.

Some users find it similar with the traditional wire. Yes, it’s true. The difference is that it creates a thinner breathing space for the breasts.

The modern wires allow the bra to move with the body. That’s why flexibility has been associated with our brand since day one. Plus, our products can recover their shapes, avoiding unnecessary costs in the long run.


So, what are you waiting for lingerie of comfort, luxury and fashion? Be part of our growing list of happy clients today.



GOTS Certified Organic Pima Cotton as the main fabric. Comfort with Support.

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Accredited by AllergyUK to be friendly for people with allergic reactions to synthetic fibres and sensitive skins.

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Ethically handmade and support UN sustainable projects

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