Cotton Full Brief: Keeping Your Lady Part Fully Fresh

More women today are embracing cotton full briefs as a key component of their innerwear selection. This is usually down to three reasons;

  • The hypoallergenic property of cotton
  • The soft and comfy feel of the cotton fabric on the skin; and
  • Its moisture-absorbing properties

If you care about the freshness and hygiene down there too, you’ll never go wrong with a cotton full brief. Here are five (5) awesome ways a cotton brief can help you preserve the health and freshness of your nether regions.

 cotton full brief material

Keeps itching and allergies away

Moisture and heat accumulation inside your panties can lead to itching and discomfort. Contact dermatitis and allergies can also develop if you’re constantly exposed to latex and similar synthetic fabrics. With a cotton full brief, all of these are non-existent!

Take the Snowdrop - Silk & Cotton Full Brief In Black from Julie May, for instance. That brief features a cup/crotch area made from super-soft and non-allergic 100% pure silk. It also has its body area made from 78% organic Pima cotton and 22% stretch silk. This combo means maximum comfort without itching and allergic reactions.  


pima cotton full brief
cotton full brief
organic cotton full brief

Prevents the buildup of odor

Again, the accumulation of moisture inside the panties can lead to a buildup of odor-causing bacteria.

While latex and synthetic fabric might trap moisture and heat within, the breathability of cotton lets your skin breathe easily. This helps keep you feeling fresh, dry, and free from bacteria that might trigger unpleasant odors oozing from your ladyparts.


A cotton full brief keeps you comfy all-day

According to Healthline, cotton is the best fabric for your skin.

Aside from the breathability of cotton that ensures proper ventilation for your nether regions, the fabric’s soft and comfortable feel on the skin is also one of the main reasons why it’s a great choice for the most delicate skin areas of your body. It never irritates your skin and you can always feel fresh and fine, even on warm days.


Helps reduces the risks of infection

The skin area around the vagina is more sensitive than most other skin areas. The vagina itself, is a breeding ground of both good and bad bacteria, including yeast. Because moisture aids the growth of yeast, a moisture-absorbing fabric like cotton is always the better option.

Along with the possibility of reducing yeast growth, a cotton full brief like the Opal Blue - High Waisted Silk & Cotton Full Brief from Julie May, made from organic Pima cotton and 100% pure silk, will help keep your vagina healthy by reducing the risks of fungal and bacterial infections.

 certified organic cotton brief

Where to buy the best full cotton briefs?

Organic cotton briefs made from allergy-friendly natural cotton fibers are your best options if you’re looking to add more cotton full briefs to your underwear wardrobe.

And if you’re wondering which corner of the internet you can find these, ethical fashion brands like us at Julie May are in the best position to help you meet all of your innerwear needs, especially if you’re an eco-conscious shopper or in the market for products that won’t trigger harsh reactions on your skin.

 organic cotton full knickers

You can browse through our collection of high-waisted organic cotton full briefs and knickers here - all made from certified organic Pima cotton and 100% pure silk!



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